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BlackfynnPhiladelphia, PA


Rise ScienceRemote


Here's how:

  1. Tweet about your job.
  2. Add tweet to epicjobs.co
  3. If your tweet has media attached to it (a picture or video), be sure to check the box to add media to make your tweet stand out on epicjobs.co
  4. We’ll publish the tweet to epicjobs.co and retweet it to an audience of 40k+ followers.

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CandidNew York, NY


Candid™ is hiring a Creative Director, Director of Product Design, and a Lead Brand Designer!

Candid is known for helping people get the smiles they always wanted at prices they can afford. In this interview, Dann goes over the 3 roles that Candid is hiring for right now with Bobby Ghoshal, Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer. — View Full


Here's how:

  1. Schedule a time to meet on Zoom.
  2. Our conversation will be recorded and we’ll likely talk for 30 minutes to an hour.
  3. We’ll edit the video then share it on epicjobs.co, youtube.com/epicjobs, and clips will be shared on @epicjobs and @dannpetty to an audience of 40k+ followers.

Let's film a short documentary.

Starting at $5K Schedule

The ultimate showcase. We'll cover everything from the team culture to the city and space where work gets done.

These office tours are filmed on location with a highly skilled film crew and are finely crafted to bring your best qualities to light. Documentaries are shared with 45K+ followers.

BasicBay Area, CA / San Diego, CA


BASIC is hiring a Creative Dir., Design Dir., Designer, Copywriter, Sr. Designer, and Sr. Producer

BASIC, a 2019 finalist for Webby Agency of the Year, helps brands become understood by building branded e-commerce, websites & digital platforms, brand strategy & identity, and video production & photography. — View Full


Here's how:

  1. Schedule a time within 1-2 weeks to come and film.
  2. Filming will take one full day. Then we’ll edit over 5-7 days.
  3. We’ll then share the video on epicjobs.co, youtube.com/epicjobs, youtube.com/dannpetty, and clips will be shared on @epicjobs and @dannpetty to an audience of 40k+ followers.
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