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UI/UX/Interaction/AR Design

Cliff DavisSan Diego, CA

Looking for on Siteremote UI/UX/Interaction/AR Design work.

I’ve been designing products, web and mobile for the last 6 years. I also dabble in 3D. I have worked for local agencies, small businesses and large corporations, like Verizon, working on their suite of smart community apps.

UI Designer/Product Designer

Antonio BarroroManila

Looking for on Siteremote UI Designer/Product Designer work.

23-year-old UI Designer from Manila. I solved problems through design.

Product Manager

Eugene LopinBrooklyn, NY

Looking for on Siteremote Product Manager work.

Senior Product Manager. 13 years on consumer & enterprise software. 2-time startup Founder hitting success metrics. Domains: B2B, B2C, SaaS, Financial, Marketing, E-Commerce, Marketplace, Data Analytics. Product Portfolio: biolinky.co/p/eugenelopin

UI Designer, UX Designer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Brand Designer

Zach DysonMelbourne, Australia

Looking for remote UI Designer, UX Designer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Brand Designer work.

Hey there, I'm Zach! A Melbourne based Product Designer. I am a critical thinker, with a passion for solving problems in order to build beautiful, user-friendly products that make peoples lives just that little bit better.
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