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Visual Designer, UX Designer, Art Director

Julius KorollHamburg, Deutschland

Looking for remote Visual Designer, UX Designer, Art Director work.

Art Director & Visual Designer, working at the intersection of UX and Branding.

Product design

Alyssa XCalifornia

Looking for on Siteremote Product design work.

19 y/o designer, developer, & entrepreneur. Founder of @noonstudios + product design @metalpaysme 👩‍💻 Bootstrapping my own products 💃 @women_make_

Product Design (UI/UX Design)

Chethan KVSBengaluru, India

Looking for on Siteremote Product Design (UI/UX Design) work.

⚡Product Designer 🎤Speaker 📷Design YouTuber #NoCode Portfolio: https://chethankvs.design

Interaction Designer

Allison Grayce

Looking for remote Interaction Designer work.

I’m an interaction designer with 10 years of design experience. I work on the end-to-end user-centered design process, from qualitative research and synthesis, through to the execution, launch, and observing how people use what we've designed.

Product Designer, UI Designer, UX Designer

Alan HouserIndianapolis, USA

Looking for remote Product Designer, UI Designer, UX Designer work.

I'm an Indianapolis-based product designer who excels at merging the functional with the delightful. I build user-focused, digital products through empathy, strategy, and iteration.
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