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UX Designer, Product Designer

AshrithCollege Park, MD

Looking for on Siteremote UX Designer, Product Designer work.

Nearly 8 years of total experience. Coder-turned-designer. Recently graduated from the HCI Masters program at the University of Maryland. Musician. Bookworm. Backpacker. Autodidact. Philomath.

Product Designer

Eduardo Sousa TelloBrazil

Looking for on Siteremote Product Designer work.

Product Designer at Gympass, currently working with B2B experience. Focusing on design operations and design system to help scale teams and products.

UX Designer

Giulia GuglielmettiMadrid, Comunidad de Madrid

Looking for remote UX Designer work.

💻 UX/UI designer based en Madrid with an extremely curious and empathetic personality. Intrigued mainly by Anthropology, Psychology and human behaviour studies. I believe in kindness, knowledge and most of all in Italian food 🍝

Creative designer

Yasir NabiAl Muruj Riyadh

Looking for on Siteremote Creative designer work.

I work as a contract & freelancer, on the client's location with the team. I utilize adobe imaginative cloud as help and utilize numerous prototyping apparatuses Adobe creative suite. Adobe xd, Sketch, Figma, protopine etc Thank you Yasir nabi

Product designer - UX Remote

Lu TapuchNew York

Looking for remote Product designer - UX Remote work.

In my 20 plus years of experience in the industry, I have honed my skills to become a bridge between design and development. Both logic and human interaction with technology have been consistent themes in my life.

UX/UI, Product Design, Branding

Shaun MoynihanNorth Carolina, USA

Looking for remote UX/UI, Product Design, Branding work.

An outcome-driven designer focused on creating simple solutions for complex problems. I enjoy collaborating with teams and embracing the intricacies that make businesses successful.
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