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UX/UI design, Product design

Alisa ChaeToronto, ON, Canada

Looking for on Siteremote UX/UI design, Product design work.

I am focused on creating intuitive designs solutions for complex problem spaces by means of informed decisions brought on by user research, feedback, and communication with an interdisciplinary team, with the focus to meet user goals and needs.

UX Designer, UX Research, UX Writing

Maggie CheungToronto

Looking for remote UX Designer, UX Research, UX Writing work.

I'm a full-stack designer versed in HTML/CSS/JS and passionate about human cognition, seeking a curious team to solve complex problems with empathy 🧠, elegance 💎, and elbow grease 💪

UX Designer, Product Designer, UI Designer

UnaRiga, Latvia

Looking for remote UX Designer, Product Designer, UI Designer work.

Hey guys! I am a Product Designer (ex Printify, Deloitte Digital) looking for my next opportunity. http://dribbble.com/Bassila/ http://unabssl.wixsite.com/unabassilaux Also a CrossFit L1 coach and enthusiast Very multiculti 🇱🇧🇷🇺🇱🇻🇺🇦🇬🇷

UX Designer, Service Designer

Amanda SampsonLondon

Looking for remote UX Designer, Service Designer work.

I'm a hybrid; a pi-shaped former Business-Analyst-turned-Service-Designer with a passion for universal design and a mixed bag of skills to help organisations deliver value for their customers, colleagues and themselves through a design-led approach.
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