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UI/UX Designer

Mohammad Fariz IkhsanIndonesia

Looking for remote UI/UX Designer work.

Starting my career as a frontend developer, I also have experience in managing developer teams to solve various website projects. UI/UX Designer is a new experience that I'm working on since 2018 and I helped some clients to build their products.

creative director, brand strategy consultant,

Phuong NguyenBrooklyn, NY

Looking for on Siteremote creative director, brand strategy consultant, work.

I am a creative director and multidisciplinary designer with extensive background across brand, content and experience.

UX/UI Designer

EvanGolden, CO

Looking for UX/UI Designer work.

UX/UI Designer, self-taught front-end developer, former graphic/visual designer, and recovering project manager. I excel at identifying and communicating value at the intersection of user expectations and business goals.

Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Content Strategy

EvanDallas, Houston

Looking for remote Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Content Strategy work.

I am a moment driven content creator who loves to tell the story.
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