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Julia Artern Illustrator


Looking for illustrator, designer, art director, storyboard artist work.

In need of an #Illustrator and #designer? Get in touch artern.design@gmail.com I'm Giulia, an Illustrator, Art Director, Storyboard Artist. Clients include Gusto, Lyft, Walmart, Uber, T-mobile, Google, etc. Ready to beDazzle!

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Julia's Work:

@adamdavidson Perhaps, could that person be me?

Portfolio https://t.co/VHVyIobBb0 https://t.co/B9anUTwYYe

8:50 AM — Nov 17, 2019

Flying high this weekend! Wish you all a wonderful weekend ✈️😘🎉 https://t.co/BeuI3BOqTE
#illustration #SaturdayMorning

4 9:54 AM — Nov 9, 2019

Happy #Friday amazing humans! 😍 Working on some cool exploration for a new #branding project and I was allowed a small preview, so that’s great🎉🎉!! See it @dribbble https://t.co/JkZjQ9QX7u
What are you guys up to 👀?
#sharingiscaring #illustrators #illustration #FridayFeeling

5 4:14 PM — Oct 4, 2019

What better way to celebrate 🎉🎉 #BlackHistoryMonth than with some cool #art? 😎
Wishing everybody a wonderful #MondayMorning with this #illustration I’ve found hidden in a folder 📂🎁

See it in full @dribbble https://t.co/RfVe2zR2LB
#dribbblers #dribbble #illustrator https://t.co/ow2oZU6w0a

9 11:01 AM — Oct 14, 2019
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