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Cameron Arrington

Birmingham, AL

Looking for Design and Front-End Development work.

I'm a Designer/Front-End Developer looking to branch out, gain experience, and continue developing my skillset as part of a team. Opportunities in my hometown are sparse, so I embrace remote work and relocation.

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Cameron's Work:

πŸ†• – Branding, Web Design, Development, Label Design for EN Body Co
100% natural and organic skincare: handmade with love and care. Check out the site at https://t.co/zc9bY1tip1 https://t.co/tTU4MOOXmn

17 1:44 PM β€”Β Apr 4, 2019


2 1:45 PM β€”Β Apr 4, 2019

I’m in NY this weekend if anyone wants to hang, has sights I should see, or food recs πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ https://t.co/FugJuL0Tue

8:56 AM β€”Β Mar 2, 2019

Symbol/Logo Designs https://t.co/L4LpHXGMel

12 2:10 PM β€”Β Jan 22, 2019

πŸ†• – Web Design and Development for my crazy talented friend @navesznn

Check it out at https://t.co/4kR2ALnf1E https://t.co/8KvEfxmpA4

5 9:15 PM β€”Β Jan 29, 2019

πŸ†• – Web Design and Development for the relaunch of @theirinjournal, a biannual print magazine. Explore the documentation of the diverse African cultures at https://t.co/fdWIJNvS9x and contribute to their Kickstarter campaign at https://t.co/VYK8M4FLiL https://t.co/g5cCPkht0G

3 12:53 PM β€”Β Jan 31, 2019
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