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Chethan KVS

Bengaluru, India

Product Design (UI/UX Design)

⚡Product Designer 🎤Speaker 📷Design YouTuber #NoCode Portfolio: https://chethankvs.design

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Chethan's Work:

Brand New UI/UX Case Study!

Boosting Conversion Rate using Design – Ecommerce Website Redesign

https://t.co/9VZWewCqhm https://t.co/QYattk32QV

12 4:49 AM — Nov 12, 2019

🔥 Released due to popular demand. It’s finally here!

Designing a Dark Mode for your iOS app — The Ultimate Guide!
https://t.co/l844khpJ5j https://t.co/7Moky8gM5b

29 5:57 AM — Feb 2, 2020

Volumes Up 🔊🔊🔊
Dark Mode for Unacademy!

With the redesign of our new website, bringing Dark Mode to
@unacademy was definitely a must.

Looking forward to hearing what you guys think 🤩

https://t.co/cUCjpZMzre https://t.co/UXUputuMpw

63 3:40 AM — Mar 19, 2020

Presenting my Brand New UI/UX Project!
Designing the @StepSetGo app for Apple Watch!

It was a very challenging project. Spent a lot of time on learning the guidelines.

Make sure to check out the @Behance project and my detailed Case Study on @Medium!

https://t.co/GauqdFQkAi https://t.co/i0CD3cNbIx

18 6:51 AM — Aug 20, 2019
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