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Nathaniel Evans

Provo, UT

Graphic Designer

Product/Brand Design ​​​​​​​with passions for charity work, music, skating, food, sports, entertainment and (since I grew up in Utah) nature!

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Level of Experience
Worked @

Cyprus Graphics

Graphic Designer / Production Manager

J-Mart Printing

Graphic Designer

Mystique Dining

Marketing and Creative Director
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Nathaniel's Work:

Sweet designs by @NateEvans00 ! Which one?? Top or bottom?? https://t.co/LdVlDg6lek

19 12:53 PM — Sep 10, 2019

Spots still available for the camp!! Come and try and win a dallas Mavericks jersey signed by me!! https://t.co/EMzHwap4XB https://t.co/let8N6f7yK

6 5:08 PM — Aug 13, 2019

@wonkywildcat @emeryhorizon I love this so much I made it into a tshirt design 😭 https://t.co/ZFc30Hb2To

1627 3:01 PM — Aug 5, 2019

If y’all haven’t followed my insta you best… I’ve been designing a new poster every single day and I want everyone to see 👀🙏 @infn8design https://t.co/d1ZiwDwbFU

11 10:44 AM — Mar 29, 2019

I’m a graphic designer. This isn’t my hobby 😂😂 stop hitting up artists for free work. The “publicity” I get from your lawn mowing flyers doesn’t pay bills

(Side note this goes for hiring photographers as well)

RT if you’re an #artist that has been taken advantage of https://t.co/fOVwBrGlJA

4 6:27 PM — Mar 31, 2019

If y’all didn’t know I don’t just do graphic design I also do photography so like hmu https://t.co/udHWvDysOE

8 8:32 PM — May 4, 2019

I made some wallpapers 🌻 Designed to fit Iphone X but will work with any phone (link in thread) https://t.co/JdcjIaQD0a

45 10:16 AM — Jun 10, 2019

I’m going to do a #giveaway of 6 of my new Stay Happy vinyl stickers! 🌻 To enter just RT and comment what makes you happy 😁

(spread positivity to others in the comments too!) https://t.co/LiaRmO8u59

11 1:13 PM — Jun 24, 2019

my first time making glitch art https://t.co/uJ7HBFTEnd

18 4:23 PM — Jul 29, 2019

Not that anyone cares… but here’s some pictures of the rebranding I designed for Farrs Icecream in Payson

I never post my actual work, but I’m proud of this one https://t.co/I1bvGz2cDH

47 1:05 PM — Jul 16, 2019

Hey Photographers let’s start a thread of the first pics you took that you were truly proud of! 😁

Mine was of my pup Zoey https://t.co/Hm9GUXcXjc

16 4:27 PM — Aug 12, 2019

the darkness is coming… https://t.co/kT0vkYBGMW

5 4:47 PM — Aug 16, 2019
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