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Sydney, Australia

Remote UI/UX Designer

Hello I’m Thomas, a Product Designer based in Sydney! Previous Co-Founder of Spacee (Remarkable Accelerator Alumni). Currently Lead UI/UX at The Cre8tive Co

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Tomow's Work:

Taking your kids to school can be tricky if you’re a professional but a new US based startup has developed a kid friendly carpooling app to help.

Here is my design on how a parent could schedule a ride to send their kids to school in time.
#design #app #carpool #startup #mobile https://t.co/P5x3sPi1om

1 5:20 PM — Jan 5, 2020

Search sections are an important aspect for any marketplace. This is why it’s crucial to have the right filters to help your users find the right items or services. Here is a an advanced search page for online courses. Let me know your thoughts 😃
#app #courses #marketplace #uiux https://t.co/wXejQZjgk5

7:58 PM — Jan 9, 2020
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