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Allison Grayce

Interaction Designer

I’m an interaction designer with 10 years of design experience. I work on the end-to-end user-centered design process, from qualitative research and synthesis, through to the execution, launch, and observing how people use what we've designed.

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Allison's Work:

You can now search frameworks on the website and find exactly what you’re looking for 👀✨
https://t.co/t2fR5jzmrn https://t.co/hBBHRRChnI

8 1:59 PM — Sep 29, 2019

1/2 sheets, markers, & a teammate are all you really need to work out views and user flows #ux https://t.co/42RTYwpIDi

19 6:06 PM — Nov 26, 2019

Delivering a heuristic analysis this week with themes & some proposed recommendations to resolve the violations. But first, sketches. #ux #uxdesign https://t.co/jERptbJhSZ

14 12:41 PM — Jan 6, 2020

My lovely model Rosie posing with the mvp after an undercover user interview. Will have to follow up to see if they get around to releasing some other features I designed. 😜

https://t.co/RDzvoaqctb https://t.co/4ZQeGB0Ixv

70 2:09 PM — Feb 12, 2020
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