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Alyssa X


Product design

Designer, developer, & entrepreneur. Founder of Sonuum, Screenity, Animockup + Lead Product Designer at Scenery 👩‍💻 Bootstrapping my own products 💃

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Alyssa's Work:

The web-based collaborative audio editor for everyone ✨

Sonuum is an upcoming feature-packed audio editor for the web 👀 Contextual feedback, shared team libraries, sleek design, collaborative features, and much more.

👉 https://t.co/AKueqlE990 https://t.co/iJeBB1Pwts

3488 8:29 AM — Jul 31, 2020

The most powerful screen recorder for Chrome 🎥

Screenity is an open source recorder & annotation tool ✏️ Draw, add text, arrows, emphasize your cursor, use push to talk, edit your recordings, & more – all for free.

@github https://t.co/zriAIU8jXH
👉 https://t.co/3EDyDYOo0E https://t.co/ZQgQA2QToz

3866 8:45 AM — Nov 19, 2020

What can @playdate‘s innovative crank be used for? 🕹️

I was intrigued by @panic‘s latest venture, so I conceptualized what it would be like to play @terrycavanagh‘s Super Hexagon in it ✨ Excited to see what games it’ll bring! 😊

👉 Mockups @figmadesign https://t.co/xiISTMO0Cx https://t.co/VbeAPa2hoa

1221 8:45 AM — May 25, 2019

The motion graphics editor of the future 👩‍💻

Although @AdobeAE is a killer tool, I feel it is too broad, complex, & expensive 💰 I’d like to introduce some new features (frames as compositions, change between keyframes…) & a new layout 💅

More @dribbble https://t.co/bA1xkcv6kB https://t.co/Qbmm4lsEhs

331 8:53 AM — May 11, 2019

A redesigned @GoogleCalendar

I spent the past days envisioning a new layout for Google Calendar 🔮 Keeping the design consistent with the rest of @Google‘s products, I made some key features more visible & arranged differently 👀

👉 More @dribbble https://t.co/19D0oNZg6X https://t.co/9CD3jMmn3L

298 7:55 AM — Jun 4, 2019

It’s live! 🥰 Build your own platformer in @figmadesign without code 🎮

Create your own levels with moving enemies, lava, locked doors, and more – only taking care of the design in Figma. Have fun! 💜

✨ Open source @github https://t.co/DFnCes7gZn
👉 https://t.co/kC3xk5Cw58 https://t.co/J57nVemImV

1093 12:07 PM — Mar 9, 2019

Introducing Flowy, the simple flowchart engine ⚡️

Flowy is a minimal javascript library to create flowcharts. Build WebApps for automation (@zapier), productivity (@WhimsicalPowers), programming (@scratch)… 🤖

@github https://t.co/6fG2MEggLn
👉 Demo https://t.co/4XiYBUt77u https://t.co/b2A8UX3oLv

3989 8:21 AM — Nov 27, 2019

Create animated mockups in the browser 🔥

Animockup is an open source design tool to make animated GIFs and videos to showcase your products 👀 Use it for social media, @dribbble, landing pages, and more.

@github https://t.co/D8eNe0anZV
👉 https://t.co/aZCAgwDFnF https://t.co/8LoEkObUQv

1619 9:02 AM — Mar 21, 2020
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