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Andrew Couldwell

Los Angeles, CA

Web design, product design, design systems, and front-end web development

Freelance web designer, product designer, and front-end developer. Author of Laying the Foundations, a book about design systems (https://designsystemfoundations.com)

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Andrew's Work:

I’m proud to have launched a ‘reboot’ of a personal project close to my heart: @clubofthewaves. I hope you enjoy it: https://t.co/XMfA2rx2D8 https://t.co/VKxGOYUGfF

6 7:17 AM — Oct 13, 2017

A little case study from a recent e-commerce design and build project. https://t.co/ifBUV72IEp https://t.co/meBvlwZE3O

6:21 PM — Jan 13, 2020

Tired of legacy problems or how your team works? Looking to build or rebuild a great product or website this year? Struggling to get buy-in to work on a design system at your company? My book might hold the model, inspiration, or ammunition you need… https://t.co/eaIJJqm8VC https://t.co/SrkEWfCE2x

6 12:47 PM — Jan 7, 2020
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