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Dario Figueroa


Product Designer

Product designer who can code looking for work in Chicago, remote, and open to relocate • saint and servant • 🇬🇹🇲🇽

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Dario's Work:

playing around with some @marvel unlimited concepts 🔥

@marvel hmu 👀 https://t.co/jI92bT5fmO

2 3:40 PM — May 11, 2018

animating this hamburger menu with @InVisionApp studio 👀
https://t.co/WpouYKn6NA https://t.co/qwhRf9EHZx

21 2:40 PM — Apr 1, 2019

my biggest @invisionapp studio project yet:

Tried looking at one way to answer “How might we make it easier for people to find a roommate in a new city?” ft. @pablostanley‘s humaaans and ib. @conwayanderson‘s https://t.co/4KpYDvE3ZX https://t.co/izsE3ce1h1

34 2:40 PM — Apr 4, 2019

been too long since i did some design work for fun/practice

https://t.co/d62B7O9bbx https://t.co/BVw6aDtqAf

8 9:45 PM — Jun 15, 2019

Before Google Calendar goes back up, take a look at this calendar app I designed last night. Wanted something more breathable and less overwhelming than the existing GCal UI 👀

https://t.co/BFLrkTpMS3 https://t.co/twZ5jAJrwo

26 8:36 AM — Jun 18, 2019

an old side project myself and a coworker launched almost a year ago that never got any dribbble love

https://t.co/ynyshgr03F https://t.co/y8OcOyl9tS

3 11:36 AM — Jun 17, 2019
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