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Bruges, Belgium

Looking for digital design & photography work.

Freelance digital creative and visual storyteller. Currently crafting for Thuis (@vrt) — prev @dogstudio, @itpocket_gent & @skinn_be 🌍 Google Local Guide

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Jonas's Work:

A new dribbble shot just went live 🏀 I designed and build a webshop for Ellis Gijsen, a perfume store in the city center of Bruges. ⟶ https://t.co/8znNpoINpL https://t.co/104HiH4AiS

6 7:59 AM — May 14, 2019

Noticed a blank https://t.co/MOf89imwZE in the last couple of days? Transforming Jonas into brandstof. Head over to ⟶ https://t.co/ZvEx1Mksc8 https://t.co/vEhZaoc33V

11 11:24 PM — May 19, 2019

Another day shooting for @vrt’s ‘Lang Zullen We Lezen’ — when around (Muntpunt, Brussels) come say hi 👋🏻 https://t.co/ilP7ldeOIB

7 3:53 AM — May 20, 2019

I’ve been looking around for quite some time for a Facebook Messenger UI Kit for @sketch. Since I couldn’t find any up to date version, I decided to build one my own. Will do my very best to keep the kit updated — head over to 👉🏻https://t.co/5mc9VrKwYZ https://t.co/0VUGpWUcD8

7 11:52 PM — Aug 11, 2019

@ProtoPie8 @VRT New project live ⚡️ mimic phone calls, thanks to @ProtoPie8! No need to change call details (phone number, name, date and time) anymore. Before, the production team at @VRT had to change all those details, since they only had two phones. To learn more → https://t.co/YM2oauh9XL https://t.co/C2YEIVDtQt

3 6:11 AM — Aug 28, 2019
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