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Julius Koroll

Hamburg, Deutschland

Visual Designer, UX Designer, Art Director

Art Director & Visual Designer, working at the intersection of UX and Branding.

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Julius's Work:

Doing more and more stuff for Crypto these days. Love it! #nerdery #ios #uidesign #ui #ux #uxdesign #iphonex #app https://t.co/j9HKumjIf9 https://t.co/LICMoXgcKp

1 6:24 AM — Jun 2, 2018

I just started a Instagram based portfolio. See my newest work on your mobile (yes, you want that!) https://t.co/yjQqDRQ3El https://t.co/A2beHy3ABS

3 8:31 AM — Jul 2, 2018

Got multiple paths in @framer X, you want to edit at once? Select all path-elements and simply press enter. Select all the ones you want and manipulate them. https://t.co/NHP0wikSH3

1 8:15 AM — Aug 10, 2018

Good god, what is that? A Dribbble Shot? Lemme know what you think! https://t.co/acPVfDeQVl https://t.co/xUE9fFbjlx

2:16 AM — Aug 30, 2018

Getting there! https://t.co/1N31z9tDrT

2 8:52 AM — Sep 16, 2018

Oh look, it’s a Dribbble! https://t.co/0DZomyTksC https://t.co/cVP0yjMVj0

2 11:30 PM — Jan 2, 2019

I love the idea of the more professional @dribbble portfolio view but I feel clients still want to see the real profile and not the coverup. https://t.co/gp9qQ35YXi https://t.co/mczSN99qdg

1 12:17 AM — Mar 20, 2019

I made it better by adding more. https://t.co/WTLdgsQNZu

12:41 PM — May 10, 2019

Oh sweet, a Dribbble Shot! https://t.co/wRvlCnLf4W https://t.co/vLzrvKHlIt

1 11:21 AM — Oct 9, 2019

My first moves with @principle were nice, love the tool, even tho it might need some love UI/UX-wise https://t.co/VQc8OsIsLQ https://t.co/4jaBuMrjaw

1:27 PM — Jun 27, 2019

I recently dribbbled… This happened… https://t.co/lWGY3EkQPu https://t.co/GNKLdWD4RR

1 11:17 PM — Oct 14, 2019
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