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Kyle Wilkins

Atlanta, GA

Freelance Product Designer

Freelance product designer based in Atlanta, GA. Currently accepting new projects!

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Kyle's Work:

Exploring the motion design for Shepherd. Using @InVision has really brought this idea to life. #madewithstudio https://t.co/rbueHksP9s

17 6:58 AM — May 14, 2019

Movie app concept inspired by @UltraLinx https://t.co/ddmQ23oBPP

9 8:22 AM — Oct 28, 2019

Cent — a stock trading app concept exploring dark interface design. Dark UI has been a blast so far to design and I can’t wait to explore more app ideas 😊

#iOS #productdesign #ux #ui #appdesign #Apple https://t.co/DuDbQTBrV0

4 6:28 AM — Jan 2, 2020
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