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Zach Lansdale

Norwalk, CT

Brand Design, Web Design, Print and Packaging Design

Husband. New Dad. Designer, who works with brands large and small building experiences that balance simplicity, weirdness, and good vibes.

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Zach's Work:

Figured I’d give @DannPetty‘s #SPACEDchallenge a whirl. My brother-in-law @joeytagarelli is currently studying for video/production and my entry will go directly to him to explore that passion further! Peep the brief here: https://t.co/zq503w8Df3 – Good luck to all! https://t.co/EVApamGm9R

8 6:46 AM — Jan 29, 2018

To really focus my branding efforts in 2019, I’ve decided to put together a credentials deck on some of the work I’ve been able to do in collaboration with such great companies over the past two years. https://t.co/L0rSIUNpqb

9 10:37 AM — Feb 8, 2019

In the process of ideating some wordmark options for a client. This is a modification of Noe Display. Am I just over modifying this beautiful typeface? Am I a terrible designer? Should I be slapped on the wrist? Having one of those days! https://t.co/tnLJQNaaqW

1 3:15 PM — Feb 7, 2018

Been working with Stages a theatre & acoustics design consultancy to evolve their brand identity to become more modern/mature. Super happy with how this came out, & glad I was able to mold their old brackets into something a bit more unique/ownable. More soon! https://t.co/KQ6O5L6Ytu

8 3:02 PM — Mar 6, 2018

@ZackShapiro @MaxWendkos We developed a lot of them too! https://t.co/XmXWTAKzxb

4 5:55 AM — Aug 10, 2018

I once made a C4 monogram for a cannabis co that resembled a high-face that I’m extremely proud of. https://t.co/RbsH1lbjk1

15 2:46 PM — Aug 20, 2018

Finally got around to building out a case study template showcasing some new work I recently wrapped up for Junto. Check it out here https://t.co/WwEA6AmcXS & make sure to check out the full experience at https://t.co/pKk73ftdJI https://t.co/DRj5TwsOky

12 8:03 AM — Aug 26, 2018

Would any Queens, NY peeps wear this tee? I want to test print some merch, thinking hats too 🤷‍♂️ – funky type by @OHnoTypeCo 😍 https://t.co/qicBQAJtYl

9 9:01 AM — Sep 10, 2018

Texture + DIN always win https://t.co/zqrBizROat

1 7:03 PM — Sep 17, 2018

Spent the week redesigning/building my website. Proud of this version, the goal was to make it feel more editorial while still keeping it weird. I hope you dig! https://t.co/GFCoOSUxiy https://t.co/3a7kTj1qGF

8 6:06 AM — Dec 6, 2018

Branding concept for !Peak – A community curating unique events around the world. Tried developing a simple monogram, inspired by an interrobang. https://t.co/u3aIx9cv7t

11 2:37 PM — Jan 25, 2019

Working on a thing – https://t.co/WdcGSo2Plz

3 1:12 PM — Mar 14, 2019

Made this random iPhone X bg – figured I’d share if you want to use it ❤️https://t.co/RRVE7TWxOj https://t.co/WQonnCcd2f

5 8:36 PM — Apr 9, 2019

Pretty stoked to see this finally go live – had the pleasure of art directing this in conjunction with https://t.co/pRHPUYZJWQ & https://t.co/aIM7UbH9Ku written by the great @EBednarsh <3 https://t.co/Bbe3HLJf5Y

1 8:55 AM — May 1, 2019

Archives: Early work that didn’t make the cut that I was starting to enjoy for an event series for Splash. The goal was to create a symbol emphasizing bringing ppl together. https://t.co/eLWD58Jxr3

1 8:23 PM — Jun 3, 2019
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