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Calvin Polen

Eugene, OR

Graphic/Print/Web Designer

Graphic designer focused on clean, modern design with an emphasis on typography and color. Proficient in web design - including HTML/CSS, Wix, and Squarespace. Experienced with Google Analytics and managing social media accounts.

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Calvin's Work:

Completed my second @3dfordesigners project, Shapes on a Plane + a subtle pattern on the floor for some contrast ✨ https://t.co/PTeLNxfbPc

1 2:39 PM — Dec 12, 2019

I’d like to take a second and thank @sndwrm for being the best, first freelance client 🙏🏼 Designed this patterned business card for her sonically inclined self 🎧✨ #design #freelance https://t.co/TduSlUeO06

11 12:58 PM — Dec 11, 2019

After fighting with my MacBook to run all 3 programs at once, I did it! My first 3D animation project 🙌🏼 @3dfordesigners https://t.co/VhMvZ0Z0DZ

45 5:41 PM — Dec 5, 2019

Spooky scary website design from yesterday #design https://t.co/Kwe2JJv0zA

5 4:49 PM — Oct 19, 2019

I mean it when I say that it took me more than a week to figure out how to make my work look decent as a mock-up #design https://t.co/oGVveeoWXp

8 6:41 PM — Oct 8, 2019

Old work I rediscovered from my magazine design class – food design feature spread https://t.co/dNYMqFIIRr

1 4:21 PM — Sep 14, 2019

Felt sluggish today but keeping it going 4/31 – Nonprofit charity postcard invite https://t.co/T6opzRZIj1

1 11:25 PM — Sep 5, 2019

Another late night but counting this one for 3/31 – Landing page for mock legal advice website https://t.co/qjDxu7zSrY

4 12:09 AM — Sep 5, 2019

Late finish but happy with how this turned out 2/31 – Half page ad for mock restaurant https://t.co/eWKQj4LkY6

5 11:14 PM — Sep 3, 2019

Today’s design 1/31 – Banner Ad for @oregonbrewfest https://t.co/eGexbhBCwC

7 4:59 PM — Sep 2, 2019
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