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Matus Hatala

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Digital Product Designer

Matus Hatala is a Digital Product Designer with UX, UI & web development backgrounds. He's been fortunate enough to work with a large variety of clients, agencies and he often collaborates with other designers & creatives.

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Matus's Work:

Something I made today in #cinema4d #c4d https://t.co/14iBRLTISq

1 12:03 PM — Dec 4, 2019

Mac canyon. Inspired by Apple’s wallpaper series. Made in Cinema4D. Feel free to use https://t.co/jY7MJOs3fT

1:53 PM — Nov 11, 2019

Painting Autumn https://t.co/om6EDPiexA

2 9:46 AM — Nov 9, 2019

I made this wallpaper in Cinema4D. Feel free to use and share (; https://t.co/iRd4BPoD23

2 4:09 PM — Nov 2, 2019

Check out this animation made by me, Mr. Smooth GIF Logo Master 😎
https://t.co/aSgiU1QZEN https://t.co/wdo5mdDduD

1 5:33 AM — Feb 16, 2018

Take a look at my animation I designed with @hypeapp. Check the project → https://t.co/9q4KD3Zg1y https://t.co/nBcG7An2IB

7:21 AM — Sep 2, 2017
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