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Nigel Doughty

Leicester, U.K

Looking for Design and Video Editing work.

FREELANCE Visual Designer | Video Editor. Husband, Dad and musician.

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Nigel's Work:

In the mood for movies and Christmas now #epicjobs #dribbble #designer https://t.co/IlRRa1qxPc

4:05 PM — Nov 15, 2019

Casual Friday night Jazz #FridayVibes #designer #epicjobs https://t.co/lyayJ0YAOs

3:40 PM — Nov 15, 2019

Logos for a new Judo Club in London #london #dailyui #design https://t.co/KBV4ZyQsPz

12:38 AM — Nov 15, 2019

Logo designs #logo #LogoDesign https://t.co/2rxW5MXUCS

3:45 PM — Aug 1, 2019

Sunday fun #SundayMorning #1BminusOne #dribbble https://t.co/g6Dfm21Nx8

7:51 AM — Sep 29, 2019

I’m missing summer already… https://t.co/dVATZ9ogRn

12:33 AM — Nov 15, 2019

#FridayMotivation #FridayMotivation #design https://t.co/cdzUmeQKbP

2:19 PM — Oct 18, 2019

@DannPetty Hi, I’m Nigel. A designer and video editor. Here are some examples of my most recent projects https://t.co/915PqSbwFh

2:37 PM — Nov 6, 2019
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