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Omid Majdi

Los Angeles, California

Product, Design, Marketing

I have been designing, building, and launching meaningful products for over a decade. During that time, I’ve developed broad, yet very deep, skillsets from Design 🎨 to Code 🤖, Data & Analytics 📊 to Strategy 🎯, Branding ™️ to Growth 📈, and more.

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Omid's Work:

If you’re as obsessed with dogs as we are, you should see how we’re bringing the benefits of stem cell medicine to dogs everywhere. Check out the link in our bio 🐶💪💛 https://t.co/3JTKvCU8p3

1 3:00 PM — Jul 24, 2019

Today we announce Stem’s newest product: Scale. https://t.co/hTslUgrYt4

14 8:54 AM — Feb 27, 2020

How does Stem work? It’s simple 🌱

🎤 Make Music
💻 Upload to Stem
➗ Add Splits
🎶 Distribute to @Spotify, @AppleMusic, @amazonmusic, @TIDAL & more
💸 Get Paid Monthly

Sign up here: https://t.co/pY8wMxIIHZ https://t.co/Gwru7yyhla

146 11:10 AM — Jul 17, 2018

Not a potion, crystal, or a miracle. Just good-looking science. https://t.co/moliDfhken https://t.co/OzJIgUWUpv

53 2:20 PM — Aug 20, 2018

Want to know how #DogVacay works?

Let us explain in less than 15 seconds! http://t.co/UCSXpDk0Jo

2 5:47 PM — Sep 30, 2015
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