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Alan Houser

Indianapolis, USA

Product Designer, UI Designer, UX Designer

I'm an Indianapolis-based product designer who excels at merging the functional with the delightful. I build user-focused, digital products through empathy, strategy, and iteration.

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Alan's Work:

Our client’s documentary #theserengetirules is showing at @Tribeca!
Show your support for YOUR PLANET and go see The Serengeti Rules at Tribeca! https://t.co/Z6cR8CUVeJ https://t.co/POB7P92gU7

8:10 AM — Apr 9, 2018

We just re-edited our 6-year-old video to bring it into the now.
It still resonates with our visitors, so why kill a good thing?
👉 https://t.co/4yxmlaYjVV https://t.co/IW0iK0ecna

7:55 AM — May 1, 2018

Project Launch: Chewy Louie! 🐶🐕🐩
We’re thrilled to announce the new launch of man’s best friend’s favorite website.

cc: @ChewyLouiechews https://t.co/YtBdB80HeN

9:20 AM — May 25, 2018

Squareflair launches Fursa kwa Watoto for the government of Tanzania. Fursa kwa Watoto (Kiswahili for “opportunities for children”) is geared to improve the quality of and access to pre-primary education for all children in mainland Tanzania. https://t.co/bxyW8HoTcy https://t.co/lp3OgVdC1m

8:02 AM — Jul 3, 2018

Keeping things dead-simple for @squarespace clients: a pre-footer menu that takes on the style when links are added to an unordered list. https://t.co/lthHXPMcvq

2 10:32 AM — Jan 11, 2019

More great @OmnibusType fonts on our latest client site: https://t.co/79BIXUWpZl
(Sansita+Archivo) (Chivo+Archivo) https://t.co/ozH0IpQ1cd

9:47 AM — Mar 8, 2019

Get your #10x shirt now.
Make sure THE BUSINESS/THE PRODUCT know where you s̶t̶a̶n̶d̶ sit on the foodchain.
2-sided + 5 colors + free prime shipping

10x – #Engineer

10x – #Designer

10x – #Developer
https://t.co/6NYobvgfFH https://t.co/JWimEHjcU2

1 5:54 AM — Jul 15, 2019

We just launched a refresh on our homepage that 100% started with months of strategy + content development. (Sometimes it’s hard to practice what you preach.)

— here’s to cobbling shoes for your own kids!
https://t.co/w59yL5GVAO https://t.co/oV0CqBKTEA

6:51 PM — Aug 12, 2019

Now Streaming! Our client’s award-winning film #TheSerengetiRules can now be viewed online.
The state of the current environmental problems seems overwhelming; this film leaves you with a sense of hope.
(The website ain’t bad either!) The Serengeti Rules https://t.co/FSm3hlbfoM https://t.co/qaR1Wq5q9V

6:27 AM — Sep 24, 2019

Announcing the new website launch for GoFetch Health!
Yes, pets ❤️🐕🐈 https://t.co/fqedT5oH3w https://t.co/UAL7dz89tg

1:23 PM — Nov 21, 2019

Our latest custom design/build on Squarespace:
https://t.co/f9f0SMpSu6 https://t.co/0Ls42Dv1wR

7:47 PM — Feb 3, 2020
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