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Rashan C.

New York, NY

UX Designer, Product Designer, UI/UX Designer

A mix of all the Ninja Turtles into one. Suffering from an addiction to coffee, cookies and zombies. A team player and negotiator with dev and stakeholders. 
A self-motivated designer who can see a product, website or app from concept to launch.

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Rashan's Work:

Recently completed a project for a SaaS startup using sound data in amazing ways. Here is a shot of the dashboard I created for the project.


#dribbble #productdesign #designer #webdesigner #SaaS https://t.co/vlSfQrumqc

9:04 AM — Nov 20, 2019

I did a redesign of the #Blockstack user account page.
Gave it a little of that #UXUI love.

https://t.co/G0XAYCwgni https://t.co/J8956g2LOO

3 10:02 AM — Nov 4, 2019

Uploading some classic #design work to #medium .

https://t.co/vJMBTAl1zK https://t.co/KDHmR5rhXj

4:54 PM — Nov 3, 2019

Design explorations for a real estate app.


#dribbble #design #ux #uiux https://t.co/FSlamqntT9

1 12:47 PM — Oct 31, 2019

Sharing some more of my work.
If you like what you see reach out to me.
(See what I did there?)


5:35 AM — Sep 20, 2019

So I’m documenting my design process for the Redesign of a #nonprofit . Let me know what you think.


1:52 PM — Sep 18, 2019
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